Look at this beautiful handcrafted sterling silver Art Tray with Pot!
The intricate, symmetrical design on the spouted pot correlates on the tray. Look at the twisted lines merging each other both in the tray and on the pot. The beautiful kettle shaped pot is accentuated by an exquisitely carved handle. See the delicate handle with a clasp which opens the top of the pot! The edges of the pot are intricately carved with round beaded design that contrasts the twisted lines. Perfect finish and polish!

Just the piece you were looking for adding to your collection!

Get it for your family or surprise a close friend with this magnificent gift.

Mesermants: Tray: Width – 27 Cm. Height – 5 Cm
Pat: Width – 16.5 Cm. Height – 26 Cm, Length -11 Cm
Measurements :
Height: 0, Width:0 , Length: 0 Cm