A rare genuine handcrafted 6 piece sterling silver 925, tea set! Look at the pretty coffee pot, tea pot, milk pot, sugar pot and tea sieve with a complementing tray that will add grace to any table! The bold floral motifs mark the surface of the beautiful tea set, while the clean etching highlights the skill of the Italian artist. Look at the carved spouts of the pts while the legs are carved with complementing motifs. From the handle to the base, each article is individually etched and carved while the design is precise and clear.

A valuable addition to your Silver Art collection!

Perfect heirloom to cherish through the generations!

Makes a beautiful, elegant gift on weddings and engagements too!

Handcrafted in Italy.

Coffee Teakettle Height -21 cm, Width – 26 cm, Length – 12 cm
Tea Teakettle Height -25cm , Width – 28 cm, Length – 11 cm
Tea Height -7 cm , Width – 12.5 cm, Length – 7.5 cm
Milk teakettle Height -16 cm , Width – 12.5 cm, Length – 8.5 cm
Sugar Height -15 cm , Width – 17 cm, Length – 8.5 cm
Tray Height -4.5 cm , Width – 46.5 cm, Length -20 cm
Measurements :
Height: 0, Width:0 , Length: 0 Cm