This beautiful Russian and Enamel handcrafted Faberge egg has been made especially for you! The material used is 84 Russian silver and gilt of 18 karat. The stand complements the total design of the egg which has been done in red, blue and green. The inlay work on the outer shell is exquisite with great detailed work done on the Faberge egg. Look at the tiny hand painted flowers and petals, worked on the whole piece. Designs are separated by thin colored lines with beautiful inlay work and you can see each detail clearly. The tiny roses and daisies look spectacular while the stand has been carved with the outline of the flowers. The stand is removable while the Faberge egg opens at the middle with the multi colored top has a magnificent carving and inlay work. A real object of beauty, use it for tiny trinkets and valuable items.
Measurements :
Height: 4.5, Width:0 , Length: 2.2 INCH