Look at this beautiful rooster with chicks carved intricately in pure mammoth ivory. Notice the delicate feathers on the body, neck and tail. With great detailing, the complete sculpture of the rooster seems to come alive. Check the tail plumes. Each feather detail is almost visible, giving it a natural look. Look at the etchings on the body, each feather has been specifically demarcated, giving the rooster sculpture a unique look. It showcases the expert skills of the ivory Master Carver.  See the wattle and comb of the rooster, the way the different texture has been etched in detail and the curves of the way it hangs.

Rooster with chicks in mammoth ivory

See the deep seated claws and the legs of the rooster. The different skin textures has been aptly carved into solid mammoth ivory, and each of the running line son the claws mimic the natural textures.  The beady black eyes, the open beak and the way the neck is carved, it tilts slightly to the side. The pose is natural of all roosters while its two chicks are pecking away on a higher level next to the rooster. Don’t miss the vegetation close to the feet. Each small leaf and tiny details are carved with patience and determination. That is why the symmetry and precision is amazing. Check the piece of mammoth ivory tusk that was used to carve the figurine. The cracks and crevices in the piece of ivory tusk have been incorporated in the design. However, the hues of the brown add a rustic look to the sculpture.

This sis due to the organic mammoth ivory absorbing the soil minerals from the permafrost of the Arctic as it lay buried over centuries. Giving the lustrous ivory varied hues, only natural and genuine mammoth ivory has that. The complete sculpture is set upon a solid teakwood base, giving the sculpture a beautiful and elegant look.

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Mammoth Ivory Carvings of Rooster with chicks Item Size

Centimeters Inches
Height 10 7.48
Width 1.5 1.96
Length 9 3.93

Base Size

Centimeters Inches

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