Magnificent, German porcelain with an interesting story.
This 16″ tall Porcelain piece was designed after Kaendler’s classic work based on the story of Count Bruhl and the Tailor.
The piece has exquisite detail and color depicting the tailor riding a goat. Both, are wearing spectacles showing how near sighted they are.
As the story goes, Count Bruhl, a popular German statesman of the time felt so grateful for the work that his tailor had performed decided to grant his tailor any reward he desired.
The tailor asked to be invited to the Count’s banquet, which was a lofty request since the working class were not seen at such social events. Honoring his word, the Count granted the tailor his reward and invited him to the banquet. Upon arrival, the tailor found himself as the brunt of the joke as he saw this satirical porcelain piece placed in the center of the room, with scissors and all riding a near-sighted goat. The motto of the story taught that, ‘Sometimes it is better to labor and not request a reward’.
The piece is in perfect condition

In Inches:
Width: 15 In, Height: 16.5 In,
Length: 7.9 In
In Centimeters:
Width:38 Cm, Height:42Cm, Length: 20 Cm

  • Hermitage

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