This intricately carved figurine of a bent old man carrying a large basket overflowing with the day’s catch after fishing with a traditional bamboo fly fishing rod is beautiful. Look at the effusive smiling face, the detailed wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. See the traditional styled hair that is at the top, folded with a band. The hair has been hand-painted after the carving has been completed and each strand of hair is visible. Notice the delicate hand painted designs and motifs on the dress. Each of the patterns is unique and different, painted in detail and symmetry that is rarely seen.

The bend of the fingers, crease of the dress and the posture are expertly crafted while the plethora of fishes, frogs and turtle hanging in and around the basket seems to be the reason for the old man’s happiness. Look at the small turtle crawling up the fishing rod, the woven basket on his back where frogs are hanging to or the delicate pattern on the back of his dress, each of these has been carved with great detail to the texture and color.

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Measurements :
Height: 4.6, Width:2.25 , Length: 2 In