Look at this exquisite sculpture of the children with a wise old man holding a large peach. The beautiful sculpture has been etched and crafted from a single piece of solid legal mammoth tusk ivory. Look at the tiny details exemplifying the wise man and the children surrounding him.

See the delicately carved leaves surrounding the peach. Don’t miss out the hand painted border of delicate motifs and designs on the robe of the wise man. Even the children’s apparel has hand-painted traditional designs, which are beautiful in patterns. Notice the expressions on the face of the wise man, children with happy smiles, which makes it a pretty carving. There is an insect sitting on top of the peach while one of the boys is sitting below the peach and the other is above. Custom designed teakwood base is crafted to suit and add to the charm of the ivory figurine.

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Item Size 





13 5.12


10 3.94


9 3.54


Base size

Centimeters Inches
Height 4 1.57
Width 13 5.12
Length 10.5 4.13

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