This exquisite hand crafted Mammoth Ivory and wood figurine of A Sculptor, reflects exemplary artisanship. The masterpiece shows a sculptor of a short stature, exhibiting his work of art with an expression of joy and pride. The sculptor wears a facemask at the back of his head. The expertise of the master carver is obvious from the stunning carvings done on the two sculpted faces. The carvings on the faces, showing vivid expressions bear true testimony to the skill of the carver. One of them is of a blood- thirsty devil with long teeth protruding and a pair of dog like ears. The other face reflects happy expression. It has long plated hair. You can see that the sculptor is holding the knotted plate. He is wearing a traditional hand woven headband on his forehead. The figurine comes with the sign of the maestro.
Measurements :
Height: 2, Width:1.5 , Length: 0 INCH