Crafted in Wood and Mammoth Ivory this figurine of a Japanese Sculptor is an exotic artifact. The netsuke shows the sculptor seated on a low wooden bench, engaged in the art of carving a face, which appears to be laughing. The expert sculptor has used genuine mammoth ivory and wood in the making of the figurine. The Japanese Sculptor carries a mallet in his right hand and a pointed tool in the left. The body posture, showing the sculptor bending a little over the facemask and on his toes a little, is stunningly natural. He sits barefooted. A Sagemono, hanging by a rope, used to keep money, tobacco, medicines etc. is visible at his back. The netsuke is shown wearing a Kosode. The sculptor has very immaculately captured the facial expressions, which shows that the sculptor at work is concentrating hard at it. The netsuke comes with the signature of the master artist painted on the left elbow.
Measurements :
Height: 2, Width:1.5 , Length: 0 INCH