. The Netsuke shows a Japanese aristocrat sculpted out of woolly mammoth ivory and wood. The master artisan has very beautifully carved the figurine. The netsuke is carrying a sword and a hand-held Japanese fan. The expression of arrogance on the face, captured by the master artist is truly fabulous. The man is walking with one hand behind, keeping his fist closed. You can judge the excellence of the figurine, by looking at the magnificent carving done on the handle of the sword. The master sculptor has shown his class, by giving a truly natural look to the fan, held by the Japanese aristocrat. The folds of the fan are exemplary. The man is wearing a traditional Japanese hat, crafted out of ivory, with beautiful carvings on it. You can see the sign of the maestro on the piece of art.
Measurements :
Height: 2.2, Width:1 , Length: 0 INCH