. A high quality MAMMOTH IVORY and WOOD carving of a Japanese Geisha with a Guitar. This is an extremely unique carving in wood with inlay work done with genuine mammoth ivory. It is extremely difficult to set ivory in wood with such precision and clarity. The wood used is of the highest quality, luster will not diminish even after years. The wooden hat with a delicate strap under the chin is seen. The hair is painted black, each strand showing separately. The Japanese Geisha holds a carved wooden guitar, under the left arm while in the right hand she holds an ivory hand fan that is closed. The face, hand and feet are carved out of precious mammoth ivory while the kimono and the guitar, hat is carved out of seasoned wood. This unique carving comes with a simple, round, wooden stand and is personally signed by the expert sculptor.
Measurements :
Height: 7, Width:2.5 , Length: 0 INCH