This is Top Grade, High quality – Big mammoth ivory tusk of Dragons scenery
Amazing art creation on Complete Mammoth Ivory Tusk- 160 Cm of Dragons Carving on the Top Grade Mammoth Ivory Tusk. When the Master Carver is so talented it’s amazing to see how beautiful & magnificent can be the combination with delicate art & the Nature look of this amazing Mammoth Tusk. The Carver Honored the 10,000 years old mammoth Tusk while he carved on the Tusk the Fortunes Dragons with perfectly symbiosis >

The Master Carver really excels himself while carving this amazing Dragons Scene. When we observing this High quality Yisk– we can notice – that every detail was carved with a lot of attention
This remarkable Mammoth ivory Tusk was hand carved by Top Skilled Master Carver, you can see his signature at the edge of the Tusk on the brown surface

This outstanding Dragons Scene was carved out on 100% genuine raw Mammoth ivory Tusk.
Mammoth ivory Tusks are absolutely legal worldwide.

 Want to know all about Mammoth ivory?

Tusk Measurements:
The size of the tusk from Edge to Edge is 78 Cm/ 31′ In. The size of total carvings is 160 Cm/ 63′ In.
Height of the tusk Including The wooden stand is: 109 Cm/ 43 In – The height of the tusk only is: 64 Cm/ 25′ In.
The thickness of the tusk is : 6 Cm, 2.36 In This Mammoth Ivory Tusk is including the customize wood stand
Measurements :
Height: 109, Width:160 , Length: 6 cm