Look at the sculpture of Buddha with children sitting on his shoulders. Check the happiness and cheer that radiates from the happy disposition of all three figurines. One of the two small boys seems to be comfortable while sitting on his hands while the other is peeping from behind his shoulder.

Buddha with Children

See the tiny details on the robe of Buddha. Notice the tiny motifs with flowers, while the vines and leaves intersperse the lower pants. Don’t miss the large beaded necklace with a fringe in the middle. Artistically carved and aesthetically designed, the sculpture of Buddha with children is a class apart. Notice the beauty of the happy facial expressions, the dimpled smile of Buddha and the happy faces of the boys. It is important to see the tiny fingers and toes on all of the three figurines. The details are subpar as even the nails and folds of the skin can be seen.

There is a big bead necklace in the left hand of Buddha, while the hand that holds it is on his folded knee. Notice the fall of the dress, as it cascades down in delicate folds and swirls around the ankles of Buddha. Look at the way the small boy is held in Buddha’s palm. He holds a fruit in his hands and has beautiful designs on the robe that he wears.

Another small boy can be seen peeping from behind Buddha’s shoulder. Turning over the sculpture, the back of the boy can be seen along with the ornately hand painted motifs on the robe of the Buddha with children. Even at the bottom, the Master Carver has managed to put on each fold carefully and naturally. See the folds that happen when Buddha sits while the ornately painted motifs can be seen with equal ease. The complete mammoth ivory figurine of Buddha with children sits on a wooden stand to add to its charm.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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