A thought inspiring, delicately crafted mammoth tusk ivory piece has been carved into three wise moneys. In different poses, the monkeys are sitting comfortably each with his hands on his eyes, mouth or ears. Considered the wise man pose, the monkeys symbolize hear no evil, speak no evil and say no evil. Sitting around a small grove, the symmetry and precision craving of the monkeys on a small piece of mammoth ivory is amazing.

Along the fringes of the sculpture and at the middle is foliage that shows each leaf clearly. The Schreger lines or the inherent identification crisscross pattern on mammoth ivory is visible. The high-quality, pure white mammoth ivory is rare and has been carved to perfection. Between the monkeys, there is detailed foliage that is noticeably beautiful. Look at the clean cuts, curves and folds. Even the fur on the monkeys is clearly visible.

The polished and delicately hewn mammoth ivory tusk piece has been adapted completely to the sculpture, providing the steady base to the sculpture. While the equally carved wooden base supports and complements the ivory sculpture. Crafted from

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Item Size 





11 4.33


10.5 4.13


8 3.15


Base size

Centimeters Inches
Height 4 1.57
Width 13 5.12
Length 10.5 4.13

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Measurements :
Height: 12.5, Width:15 , Length: 10 CM