This standing rooster has been carved in pure mammoth ivory. Sculpted from a piece of mammoth ivory tusk, the Master Carver has managed to utilize the complete piece and has etched each detail carefully. Look at the complete sculpture of the rooster standing on one leg. See the awe-inspiring details that have been etched into the rooster carving. Notice the plumes of the tail feathers. Each feather has been individually carved and stands on its own, giving a life-like appeal to the figurine.

Notice the smaller down feathers over the body while the longer feathers at the neck have all been craved to perfection. See the details and each of the feather has been accurately carved and that showcases the skill and expertise of the Master Carver. See how the rooster is standing on one leg while the other one has been curled at an angle. There are chicks surrounding it. Giving it such a natural pose, the wattle, below the beak looks natural and appropriately carved and sized.

Oriental mammoth ivory rooster for good luck

The flow of the deeply grown neck feathers, the curve of the comb and the open beak while the beady black eyes are crafted accurately to perfection. This lends the intrinsically carved mammoth ivory rooster is a charm, especially as per Oriental iconography, it is a part of the zodiac animals. That is why a rooster is a harbinger of good luck.

At the bottom of the piece of the mammoth ivory tusk, the rings of the ivory can be seen with just a hue of the brown, due to the absorption of soil minerals while the tusk lay buried in the Tundra regions. Notice the Schreger lines that are inherent with only mammoth ivory and authenticates the ivory as genuine. The Master Carver has carved his signature at the base, a sign that the mammoth ivory sculpture is genuine, pure and handcrafted. It is set on a wooden base.

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