Look at this tall wise man sitting on a horse. Notice the way the Master Carver has used mammoth ivory as a medium to carve exquisite netsuke is a difficult task, yet the Master Carver has managed to put such incredible action in such a small piece of ivory. Look at the long beard and flowing mustache while the high cheekbones are highlighted by his smile. The serene and beautiful look on his face as he sits astride the horse.

Carving of tall wise man

See how the horse has been carved, with his nose touching the ground and the mane spread all over the neck. Look at the way the mane hair split in the middle, giving it a life-like look. The robes split over the horse and can be seen sitting comfortably. See the folds of the robe, the fall of the garments as they gather at the back.

Notice the straddle and the bridle, which are held by the tall man. See the way the sleeves of the robe gather over his hand. While he holds an item in his other hand, the grip is strong on the bridle. See how delicately the horse hoofs have been crafted and the way the tail sweeps in the air. Not just in the front, but even at the back, the Master Carver has used his skill of expert carving to give the whole sculpture of the tall wise man. See how the folds in the robe gather and the delicate way the artist has hand painted the motifs, considering the folds. The cloth on the back of the horse falls close to its legs and can be seen with a large border. The ingenuity of the Master Carver can be seen with the painstaking theme and approach of the sculpture. And to authenticate the mammoth ivory, the artist has signed at the bottom.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory netsuke:

Centimeters      Inches      Height
19                          7.5

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