Delicate mammoth ivory has been carved and then hand-painted when it comes to the large pig. Look at the tiny details clearly visible including the hair over its body. Notice the tiny details on the body of the pig and the facial expressions of the two boys. Looking carefully at the boys’ heads, the inherent criss-cross pattern of mammoth ivory is visible, authenticating the netsuke as legal mammoth ivory. The children seem to be petting the pig while looking into the sky. Notice the uniform brushwork over the finely crafted pig with the stiff hair hand painted in detail.

One of the boy’s robes has unique patterns that seem to be etched, giving the robe a sequined look while the other boy seems to be climbing onto the pig’s back. Look at the fine details- the action of the boy as he climbs on the pig’s back, tiny etchings that have been painted brown to give the effect of stiff hair on the pig’s body, the motifs and patterns on the clothes of the boys, clear portray of fingers, facial expression and so much more. Beautiful mammoth tusk ivory netsuke depicts a life-like scene.

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Measurements :
Height: 3, Width:5 , Length: 2.2 Cm