Look at the semi-human figures hand carved in pure mammoth ivory creating an exquisite netsuke. Look at the larger figure with animal teeth, ears and horns. Notice the bushy eyebrows that are depicted hand painted and dotted with black on both the figurines. Muscular built yet with three fingers and toes, the standing figure holds a broom while the sitting figure has a parasol. Look at the slating eyes of the larger figure while the one sitting has absolutely round eyes. The view from the side shows the long hair and two holes, typical of netsuke. The hand painted black open hair look rough and unkempt while the broom has been carved in detail. The twist of the cord, curve of the broom is completed in detail, just like the rest of the netsuke. Vibrant details, tiny carvings such as the teeth and open mouth, clear delineated lips and the facial features have been sculpted with painstaking detail. While the sitting figure holds the folded parasol, the three toes and fingers are clear. The horns on top of the heads are dotted with black on both figures. Don’t miss the folds on the garments, the twist on the parasol and the backbone of the figures.

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