The Japanese Geisha is one Japanese tradition that has only become more fascinating with time. And that intriguing culture is now personified in this mammoth ivory master netsuke.

In fact, this gorgeous carving of a Geisha (Japanese female entertainer) makes use of several modern myths and some truths. The Geisha is known to be an erotic or sexually enticing figure. Although, many modern Geisha’s refrain from this activity the myths still exist. Therefore, in art you will often notice Geisha’s are portrayed in this manner.

This particular Geisha, with her open yakimono, can be seen enticing a potential suitor. As her ya-kimono is open and her private parts are on full display. This is what makes this piece a fun, playful, albeit taboo piece. It’s a spectacular and dramatic design that has great detail and accurately portrayed. The Yakimono has all the hallmark signs of the garment worn by Geisha’s and so does the hairdo. The artist even took the time to make the face seem as if the Geisha is wearing makeup.

Purchase Your Very Own Geisha Mammoth Ivory Master Netsuke

Since it’s made using very rare mammoth ivory the netsuke of a Geisha is a valuable one to own. It’s also perfect for collectors with an interest in Japanese history and culture. As well as, collectors who find the culture of the Geisha fascinating and intriguing – a culture that still exists today.

Why not add this Geisha to your collection or start your collection with this Geisha?

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