The mammoth ivory masterpiece carvings of ducks family have been done by Master Carver. Look at the delicately crafted feathers on the ducks. One of the ducks that are placed on the left has half-opened wings while the other duck has closed wings but the intricate detailing is perfectly done. The curve of the duck’s neck, the shape, and pose of the wings is natural as if Master Carver was able to capture the real duck’s scene and portray it into ivory.

Notice the lotus leaves, the small and large sized lotuses as they float over the rippling waves. Master Carver has utilized the wooden base as part of the sculpture and the water has been carved poignantly. Look at the wooden waves lapping against the ducklings, the textured wooden patterns give it a rippling and wave effects. Notice the four ducklings and how they seem to float between the two bigger ducks. One of the ducklings has some plant within its beak. And there are two others that seem to show interest in the aquatic plants as they float by.

Master Carver has not only skillfully carved each of the ducks family but was able to put together the complete scene at a pond. Look closely on how carefully and delicately the artist has managed to carve solid ivory duck family. The tongue of the large ducks can be seen clearly while the gentle curve of the beak, nostrils and the long neck is amazingly creatively sculpted. Don’t miss the details on the plants and leaves that seem to be in the water. A part of the ducks family sculpture, the wooden base is carved suck that it seems like flowing water in which the ducks family frolic. Carved from teakwood, it lends support and adds to the charm of the beautiful ivory sculpture.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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