Good things come in threes and it’s no different for this mammoth ivory master netsuke. This exceptional piece has been hand carved by a world-class ivory carver, who has taken their time to intricately and precisely carve the scene in this piece. And therefore this piece has great character and is beautiful to observe.

This scene depicts three Japanese, which could be preparing to fight or conducting an ancient Japanese dance. Either way, these three Japanese men are in unison and relying on each others strength to undertake their task. As you’ll see each Japanese male has a foot leaning against the other. This is symbolic of how in order to survive you need to work with others and rely on their strength.


Why Mammoth Ivory?

We don’t believe in illegal or cruel methods to obtain ivory. Therefore many of our artists make pieces using mammoth ivory. This sort of ivory is perfectly legal to trade in and is very rare as it’s taken from mammoth fossils buried in Siberia and Alaska for over 10,000 years. When you purchase this piece you won’t have to worry about the source of the ivory, which means you can trade or auction this piece without any concern. Also, since this ivory is very rare you will certainly see it’s value increase not only because of the artists skill but because of the rarity of mammoth ivory.

Another benefit to purchasing this mammoth ivory master netsuke of three Japanese men is that you’ll qualify for free worldwide shipping. This way you can start enjoying your netsuke without additional costs.

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