If you’re looking for  a staple mammoth ivory master netsuke you will not find one more traditional than a cat. These are pieces that are beloved my netsuke collectors. And with good reason. They resemble curiosity, joy and happiness.

However, this mammoth ivory master netsuke in particular, one of a napping cat is not only a staple because of the cat but because of the fresh approach the artist took. In this particular piece, the cat is napping. And that makes this piece slightly more interesting than others. Also, it’s a lovely piece to add to an animal collection or a collection dedicated to these beautiful creatures.

You’ll definitely enjoy the time and effort the carver took in making the cat as realistic as possible. Also, you’ll enjoy how you own a part of history. A very valuable and intriguing part.

The Most Rare and Precious Ivory On The Market – Mammoth Ivory

Unlike other ivory on the market mammoth ivory is 100% legal and is therefore easy to trade. This type of ivory is particularly precious because of it source. Mammoths – the source of mammoth ivory – have been extinct for several thousand years. And their tusks are only obtainable in remote parts of Siberia and Alaska. When you’re buying a mammoth ivory master netsuke you’re buying an investment piece. Not only because of the artistic and perfect carving but because of the source of the ivory.


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