What a remarkable Mammoth Ivory Carving of The Longevity God.
The Chinese Longevity God – Shou Star God(The 3rd member of Three star gods or Three Lucky Men) is almost identical to the Japanese Longevity God Fukurokuju.

Shou Star God the God of Longevity(Shou Xing,Sau).
The God of Longevity is the 3rd god of the Gods of Good Fortune. The God of Longevity was originally a stellar God, Shou Xing or the Star of Longevity or the Star of the South Pole. Shou Xing occupied a very important position in star worshipping. The worshipping of stars in royal ceremonies continue throughout the ages even though dynasties rose and fell. People strongly believe that the stellar deity could control the fate of the country. In addition, he was thought to possess the power to decide the life span of mortals. At a period of time, he was endowed with human qualities and Shou Xing eventually become known as Nan-ji-Xian-weng – “the Old Man of the South Pole” or the God of the South Pole. This is one of the most recognizable deities in Chinese literature.

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Fukurokuju probably originated from an old Chinese tale about a mythical Taoist Chinese hermit sage (Sung Period) renowned for performing miracles. In China, this hermit was considered to embody the celestial powers of the south polar star (Southern Cross). To some, the scroll is thought to contain all the wisdom of the world, while to others it contains a magical scripture.
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The God of Longevity has a long wisped beard and an enormous high bald head. He always carries a long knotted staff and pumpkin gourd, in which it holds the water of life. In the other hand, he holds the peach of immortality and sometimes there is a crane on top. Both items are symbols of immortality. Symbolically he is represented as a mushroom or a turtle.

This mammoth Ivory Carving of The Longevity God was Hand carved by Master Carver out from high quality woolly Mammoth Ivory Tusk.
The woolly Mammoth Roamed the earth before 10,000-40,000 years ago their tusk well preserved in the arctic regions like Siberia in Russia.
Mammoth Ivory is an eco-friendly material & he is legal to sell & to hold worldwide.

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Carving to perfection –this Longevity God-Mammoth Ivory Carving is hand carved by Master carver & Signed by him.

Stand Height 4 cm, Width -11 cm,Length: 11 cm

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Measurements :
Height: 21, Width:5 , Length: 6 Cm