This multi-figurative carving of children milling rice has been sculpted in genuine mammoth ivory. Look at the children as each of them helps through the process of milling rice, right from the first stage to the final product. Carved by hand, the Master Carver has been able to give a unique perspective on the rustic process of milling rice in different stages but has made it interesting with the carving of happy children doing the work. Using rustic and traditional equipment, the rice is being milled by the children through various processes including pounding and winnowing. Look at the cheerful exuberance of each child while the Master Carver has managed to sculpt each aspect with considerable clarity.

Children milling rice

Look how a pair of children are working on the pedals to pound it with ease. See the way the Master Carver has given it the wooden effects and accents. Notice the stone mortar in which the rice is being pounded by the wooden pestle. Don’t miss the traditional attire of the pair of children working the foot pedals. The boy is wearing a hand painted cap while the short haired girl wears a small robe, which has the classic Orient motifs accenting its beauty. One of the boys is taking out the raw rice from the sack while the girl sitting next to him is picking out the debris from the wooden pot that seems to be full of the rice. Each aspect and stage of cleaning and milling rice is detailed and done with considerable clarity. Even though the size of the figurines of children is very small comparatively but the facial expressions and dress is clear and etched in detail. The varied figures are set on a flat wooden platform giving the complete scene stability and adds to its classic beauty.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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