Look at this beautiful musician and boy sitting and playing a lute under the trees. Carved in pure mammoth ivory, look at the pristine theme and how well the Master Carver has depicted the whole scene with considerable ease. Don’t miss the snake and the monkey that are sitting on the tree branches. Look carefully how the snake twists through the branches of the tree while the monkey holds the snake over a branch. See the monkey lounging over the branch, holding a fruit in its hand while holding the snake at one point.

Expertly crafted musician and boy

The Master Carver has portrayed the snake in full detail, with all the scales visible and etched individually. Look at the leaves of the tree that are carved individually. Each leaf is separated and carved in three-dimensional space. Notice how well the completely symmetrical and proportioned figures are carved from a single piece of mammoth ivory. The beautiful musician sitting under the tree with a small boy envisages the serenity that is depicted in the sculpture.

See the beauty of the musician and boy sitting with the lute. The traditional kimono and hairstyle accentuate the beauty of the lady. Hand painted designs with cherry blossoms painted all over the dress, enhances the traditional Japanese style. Notice the detailing on the hair, along with the accessories that adorn her hairstyle. Look at how happy the little boy is. He holds the wooden stick in his hand and has the other hand held high.  Looking at it from the back, see the beauty of the tree bark, which shows the roughness of the bark, holes in the tree trunk with ease. The roots of the tree, flowers and the grass are carefully exemplified with tiny details.

The complete mammoth ivory sculpture of musician and boy is set upon a customized and beautifully crafted wooden base. This lends it charm and complements the stability.


Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of Legal Mammoth Ivory Carving: 18x8x6.5 cm

Wooden stand: 10.5x9x3cm

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