Treasure this precious scene that displays love and compassion in a unique setting. Making this breathtaking mammoth ivory tusk the ideal piece for any mammoth ivory collector.

Idyllic Mammoth Ivory Tusk

This idyllic scene has been beautifully captured through this exceptional quality of of the mammoth ivory carving. The master carver uses great precision to reproduce every detail. In doing so he captures the essence of the scene perfectly. But, what’s most unique about this carving is how the carver chooses to carve the mice. Instead of creating ridges to show off their fur, he uses a method that makes them appear more polished. And softens the scene tremendously. By doing this he allows the purchaser to focus more on the scene and the meaning of the scene. And how the mother displays her care and love to her offspring.  As her tail reaches toward her offspring and she’s holding them toward her.

Another major element of this mammoth ivory tusk is how the master carver makes use of the mammoth ivory tusk in such a way that you can see the portion of the tusk clearly. He then carves the mice and the scene out of this tusk while maintaining it’s integrity. And by adding a natural sheen to the tusk he preserves it’s pristine appearance. However, our prestigious carver takes it further by adding his signature to the piece in the form of a flower in the middle of the scene.

It’s artwork like this that will be cherished for years to come.


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