This beautiful piece of mammoth ivory sculpture has been skillfully carved portraying an elephant and a monkey in the wild. Look at the grass that the elephant is trampling under its feet or the fur on the money. Notice the fine textured skin of the elephant. It looks life-like and signifies the skill and experience of the Master Carver.  This elegant sculpture captures the playful mood of the monkey, frozen in action as if trying to stop the elephant that seems to walk away. The artist has managed to capture the playfulness of the monkey and the action of the elephant, and has delineated it in legal mammoth ivory.

Look at the trunk with its natural folds in the skin or the beady mischievous eyes of the monkey as it seems to watch the elephant going away. The Master Carver has been able to sculpt each detail with extreme clarity.  See the toe nails of the elephant or the hands and feet of the money. Each finger is sized differently and carved clearly. The tiny fur hair can be seen and that is exquisite.

This attractive mammoth ivory sculpture is a testament of the peaceful comradeship of different animals that live together in the wild, yet retains the charm captured in one of the oldest organic material- mammoth ivory. Set on a specially crafted teakwood base that not just adds to the beauty of the mammoth ivory sculpture, but gives it the right stability.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Size of  Legal Mammoth Ivory Elephant & Monkey- not Including the WoodStand




5.5 2.16


5.5 2.16


15 5.9

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