Exceptional, exquisite, wondrous, marvelous, truly inspiring are just some of the words that describe this mammoth ivory carving.

Intriguing Mammoth Ivory Carving

This mammoth ivory carving is is so precise it’s truly one-of-a-kind. The master carvers captures every creature and every feature with such accuracy it’s remarkable. But, more than that, this is a piece has significant meaning and dramatic effects that will wow any purchaser. Taking a closer look at this mammoth ivory carving you will notice the frogs are carrying or harvesting what can only be gold coins. However, since the master carver uses the natural colors of the ivory to preserve it’s worth the interpretation is multi-faceted. Although you can make your own interpretation of the carving, the accuracy with which the carver creates this masterpiece is awe-inspiring.

Only using the natural sheen and color of the mammoth ivory he creates something that’s rare, beautiful and breathtaking. Also, a piece that can be marveled at for lengthy periods because of the mastery needed to carve it.

Yet, even with the exceptional use of mammoth ivory this carving is even more worthwhile. Because the carver carves the frogs and their loot meticulously paying close attention to the details and features of the frogs. Since it’s only one color the artist focuses on adding detail to give this carving depth and personality. Which makes it a must-have in your collection. And truly a piece worth owning.

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