Delve into the world of perfection with this mammoth ivory carving. Carved according to the highest standards and by the most prestigious carvers this mammoth ivory carving will be a welcomed addition to your collection.

An Enchanting Mammoth Ivory Carving

This mammoth ivory carving is the type of carving that’s monumental and will only become more valuable with time. Carved according to museum-grade standards this carving is an accurate, intricate and highly detailed depiction of mice. The master carver spares no expense in creating this scene with great detail, paying special and close attention to making the mice appear lifelike. You can see this clearly by the manner in which he carves their bodies and makes their ears the perfect ratio to their bodies. Not only that, but the carver adds depth and a point of interest in this scene by making the baby mice different sizes. In addition when observing this carving closely will notice how the carver creates a bond between the mother and her offspring. Which adds another dimension to this carving.

Fall In Love With This Prestigious Mammoth Ivory Carving

This is a mammoth ivory carving you’ll fall in love with. It’s a 100% accurate in it’s depiction. But, it also allows the viewer to explore different themes within the carving. As a buyer you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece that’s investment quality and will become a prized possession. Also, because this mammoth ivory carving is made with verified 100% legal mammoth ivory that’s very rare it can be traded worldwide. Because of that this is a perfect investment or heirloom piece.


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