This life size mammoth ivory tusk that’s carved into a beautiful lifelike scene will leave you both breathless and speechless.

Taken from fossils this mammoth ivory tusk has been re-purposed and reshaped to be an exquisite piece of artwork. Which is something you can delight in forever!

A Simplistic Mammoth Ivory Tusk That’s Timeless

Although this design is quite simplistic and draws inspiration from the most mundane parts of life it’s still as intriguing and captivating as some of the most desirable pieces of art. Because instead of using in depth designs the master carver uses something that doesn’t overshadow the tusk, but complements it.

In particular his focus on using a common bird to highlight the magnitude and size of the tusk. Also, the contrast between something so ordinary (the chickens) and something rare (mammoth tusk) makes this carving one-of-a-kind. In particular, the simplicity of the carving allows you to be mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of the tusk.

However, the master carver still manages to make the chickens stately. By carving the delicate details into their feathers and making them very intricate. In addition to using colors to add texture and depth – making this piece less mundane and more magnificent.

The Best Treasure In A Tusk

Mammoth ivory is completely legal to trade. And because it is exceptionally rare, carvings made from this source are highly coveted pieces as they’re exceptionally valuable.

However, what’s really fantastic about this mammoth ivory carving is that the master carver creates it using an entire mammoth tusk. Leaving the shape and size of the tusk intact and carving a specific scene into tusk. Which makes this art work even more significant and monumental as one of the most desirable pieces of the last century.

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