Notice the visually appealing and intricately carved elephants with tiny details clearly visible. Look at the tiny branches and large leaves of the banana tree and see the fine details and rings around the tree trunk. Slight discoloration can be seen on the top of the tusk with shades of grey-brown which is due to the organic mammoth ivory absorbing the minerals in the soil as it lay buried in the permafrost for eons.

Each elephant has been carved in a different position and action giving a realistic touch to the sculpture. The brownish and ivory white sculpture provides a beautiful amalgamation of colours and hues, giving a beautiful look to the carved image. The fragile sculpture has interconnecting banana trees on the top that provide a lattice-like look.  Notice how the leaves ripple out and the rough skin on the trunk of the elephants is carved with detail. The back shows the dark shades that authenticate the ivory as genuine.

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Measurements :
Height: 8, Width:17 , Length: 1.5 In