Notice the beautiful elephant crafted in genuine mammoth ivory  whose trunk the monkey is playfully holding. See the delicate details on the elephant’s body and even the skin has been replicated with expertise.
Look at the naughty look on the monkey’s face as it sits on the elephant and holds the trunk. The skill of the master sculptor can be judged by the realistic proportion of the animals and the fluidity of curves on the bodies.


Each tiny detail is visible clearly. The fall of the monkey’s tail, the large flapping ears and the curved tusks of the elephant are remarkably realistic looking especially considering the delicate medium of sculpture. Crafted in layers, the large, single piece of mammoth ivory tusk delineates the wrinkles under the elephant’s eye, while perfectly portraying the swinging tail and toes of the elephant. See how intricately the complete sculpture of the elephant has been carved, right down to the wrinkled lids and beady black eyes.
The elephant is stepping on a slab of stone and there are delicately crafted flowers and leaves placed on the ground. Crafting such minute details in mammoth ivory is painstaking work.
Notice that the master artist has signed at the back of the sculpture, authenticating it is genuine ivory that is legal worldwide. 


Look at the open mouth of the money and even the teeth are clearly crafted. There might be slight discoloration of the ivory which is perfectly natural as the buried tusk absorbed the natural minerals in the iced soil.

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Measurements  of the Wooden Base:
 Height:1.18 ,Width: 7  Length: 1.96 Inch / 3 x 18 x 5 Cm

Measurements  of Ivory only:
Height: 5.9 , Width:4.33,  Length:2.56 Inch /  15 x 11 x 6.5 Cm

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Measurements :
Height: 18, Width:18 , Length: 6.5 Cm