This simple yet intriguing carving on a piece of mammoth tusk ivory denotes the children playing with Buddha. Lying in a supine position, Buddha is laughing at the antics of the children as they pull the cord on the robe, play with his large slippers or sit close to his head on the loose end of his robe. It is a happy sculpture with smiles and peace around. Sculpted on a single piece of mammoth ivory, it talks about the skills of the artist to be able to furnish such details on it.

Notice the patterns on the Buddha’s robe, the large necklace with perfect round beads and the huge slipper, half hidden under his own legs. See the delicate cord that is stretched from the bow at his waist to the hands of the children. Crafting such delicate cords is the skill of a master artist. Notice the pot-belly, the folds of the garments, tiny details on the garments of the children and the facial features. And it is shaped like a large leaf on the bottom.

See the highly intricate and hand carved teakwood stand that compliments the complete mammoth ivory figurine. Notice the small details about the hand carved wooden base which shows tiny leaves and branches of the tree.


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127 x 97 x 8.5cm
Measurements :
Height: 97 Cm, Width:8.5  Cm , Length: 127 Cm

Height: 38.2 In, Width:3.34  In, Length: 50 In