A beautiful Jade stone carving of a pair of Goddess Kwan-Yin. You can see the wonderful soft green shade of the stone which highlights the delicate features of the figurine. Each fold of the cloth, each curve of the body has been shown in clear, simple lines. The skill of the sculptor can be seen in carving the figurines. The half open eyes, the simple sitting posture on a lotus have been carved with great detail. Kuan Yin has epitomized the great ideal of Mahayana Buddhism in her role as “bodhisattva (Chinese “p’u-sa)–literally “a being of Bodhi, or enlightenment,” who is destined to become a Buddha but has foregone the bliss of Nirvana with a vow to save all children of God. For centuries, Quan Yin carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism. The same Goddess and Divine energy carried by the Virgin Mary in Christianity. In the Egyptian mysteries it is carried by Isis. In Hinduism it is carried by Shakti, wife of Vishnu, by Parvarti, wife of Shiva and by Sita, wife of Rama. Quan Yin’s name is a translation of the Sanskrit name of her chief progenitor which is Avalokitesvara, also known as Avalokita. In its proper form it is Kuanshih Yin, which means “She who harkens to the cries of the world.”
Measurements :
Height: 11, Width:3 , Length: 5.5 INCH