This simple yet intriguing carving on a piece of mammoth tusk ivory denotes the children playing with Buddha. Buddha sitting while he is pulling his jute bag while the  child is sitting on the Buddha’s Jute bag . It is a happy sculpture with smiles and peace around. Sculpted on a single piece of mammoth ivory, it talks about the skills of the artist to be able to furnish such details on it.

Notice the patterns on the Buddha’s robe, the large necklace with perfect round beads and the huge tree on Buddha’s Shoulder .  Notice the pot-belly, the folds of the garments, tiny details on the garments of the child  and the facial features. As well pay attention at the rats that trying to climb on the Buddha’s Jute bag.

See the highly intricate and hand carved teakwood stand that compliments the complete mammoth ivory figurine.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements of  Legal Mammoth ivory  Buddha Pulling His Jute Bag:

Length: 14 Cm / 5.51 In

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