This superb mammoth ivory carving set in a vertical formation is very eye-catching. And it’s that height as well as the attention to detail that makes this carving of fairies both exquisite and pristine. As it stands this would make an invaluable addition to any collection.

Delightful Mammoth Ivory Carving Masterpiece

This 100% pure mammoth ivory carving formed by one of our genius carvers is a showstopping masterpiece. The original and distinctive design of the vertical carving coupled with its whimsical essence makes this piece special.

When closely examining this piece you can see the enormous dedication and precision the master carver takes to perfect his work. But it’s not only his skill and precision that prevails. The carver also shows off how unique and imaginative artwork of fairies can be. Instead, of making them winged creatures he chooses to make them appear as though they’re being supported by a vine. This vine connects all of them and gives the carving a feeling of unity.

Another remarkable feature is how he gives each of the fairies a different musical instrument. As though they’re serenading the viewer. Besides, their instruments the carver also manages to portray a different personality trait for each, which gives them individuality. This is seen in the way each of their faces is different. All of these features give this mammoth ivory carving great depth and character.

Therefore, this is a piece that will truly capture your imagination.

Ultimate Purchase For Elite Buyers

Because of this imaginative and creative technique and interpretation, this piece is not like other pieces. It’s an elite carving for an elite buyer.


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