This beautiful set of candelabra is 19th. Century pair of Meissen wall sconces delicately painted with the pristine scene of a couple in verdant surroundings.  Painstakingly hand painted, they exhibit the hallmark Meissen’s motifs and details. Look at the cherubs, the applied flowers and the exquisite delicate use of colors. The luster of Meissen porcelain shines through it. It has two candle arms that connect directly to the base with the courting scenes in the center of the scrolling cartouche.

See the beautifully and detailed cherubs with golden hair, tiny wings and an angelic face. Notice the hand painted courting couple and each fold of the dress; the tiny facial expressions have been aptly crafted in detail. The gloss and matt of the hand painted figurines is pristine. A host of colorful porcelain flowers add the right balance of color against the white porcelain. Notice the omber color scheme in each peony, while the roses are half-open, showcasing the allure of the European gardens.  The green leaved vines wind through the bevy of flowers.

Notice the gilded edges and highlighted scone centers.  The feathery pattern of the wall scone defines the delicate craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty that is a hallmark of high quality hard paste porcelain. The white base and the hand painted pink color on the scones give it a delicate edge.  The courtship scene has been hand painted as a miniature painting, with the extremely delicate tree painted in the background with ground showing the earthy colors. It showcases the Meissen crossed swords mark in blue underglaze.

Established in the 18th century, the Meissen Factory was the first European manufacturer that started with hard-paste porcelain with nearly no rivals, in terms of beauty.  It remained the highest quality manufacturing unit globally for decades.

Circa 1820

Size: 15″h. 12.75″w

Condition: excellent; no chips; cracks

Press Number: 78


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