Complete Antique 19th Century Meissen porcelain Monkeys Orchestra set  –  22 Pieces.
The monkey band was introduced by Meissen in mid 18th century, became extremely popular, 
and was reproduced by Meissen ever since . 

Great Condition
The set consists of 22 pieces including 21 monkey musicians and a conductor’s music stand.
The model numbers are 1 thru 20. They are incised under each figurine next to the blue 
crossed swords mark. The conductor’s music stand does not have a model number while both 
the triangle player and the drummer are numbered 12 which makes things a bit confusing.
The value depends on age, quality and condition.

Tallest: 7″ In

From wikicollecting –

How much are Meissen Monkey Band figurines worth?

The value of Meissen Monkey band figurines depends on when they were produced and their condition. The most valuable are the earliest 18th century examples, which can sell for around £5,000 each in good condition.

19th century examples in good condition can sell for around £1,000 – £2,000 each, and modern Meissen examples produced today can be found for sale by specialist dealers for around £2,000 each.

Measurements :

Height: 0, Width:0 , Length: 0 Cm