Traditionally crafted piece of genuine mammoth ivory tusk showcases a Chinese lady. Look at the three dimensional sculpture on a narrow piece of ivory tusk. See the delicate etching and details on the tusk, which the Master Carver has managed to sculpt with such minute strokes. See the hand painted black hair, the hairstyle and the serene expression on the face of the lady. Notice how skillfully the artist has carved the large ear lobes, peeping from beneath the open hair strands. See the ornate comb that is perched on her head. The delicate patterns are clearly visible and even the cracks have been incorporated into the scene.

Notice the various aspects of the dress that the lady is wearing. The Master Carver has been able to sculpt such tiny detailed patterns on her, including the jewelry, the style of the dress, tiny flowers and waves around her. Don’t miss out seeing the tiny waves at her feet, the beautiful flowers around her. Notice the floral borders that have been hand painted by the Master Carver. Each leaf, flower petals and even the folds of the dress are clear, expertly etched and painted.

Using red and green color, the Master Carver has been able to bring out the beauty of the Chinese lady’s dress. Look at the back of the sculpture, which is a piece of raw mammoth ivory tusk. The color is slightly brown, which is due to the absorption of various minerals, as it lay buried in the permafrost. It is set upon a wooden base that not only offers stability, but enhances the beauty of the sculpture that has been painstakingly carved on the piece of mammoth ivory.

Mammoth ivory figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.  You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Measurements :
Height: 15 Cm/5.90 Inch, Width: 6 Cm/2.36 Inch, Length: 2.5 Cm/ 0.98 Inch