This noteworthy and breathtaking mammoth ivory carving of rats on a rock is a must-have if you’re a collector of mammoth ivory. That’s because in this carving the master carver creates a multifaceted scene. Using only the most profound and prestigious techniques to relay his message.

A Unique Take On A Timeless Mammoth Ivory Carving

This mammoth ivory carving is a depiction of love. You can clearly see the mother rat taking care of her offspring. It’s this charming depiction of creatures that are commonly thought to be dirty scavengers that make this mammoth ivory carving valuable. By capturing the scene in this way he captures the viewer’s imagination.

But, he is also is able to do this by paying close attention to carving the rat’s features. And making them as accurate and detailed as possible. He starts by carving their bodies to paying close attention to how they’re positioned. So as to display their agility in managing to climb on top and remain on top of this narrow rock. He also carves them close to each other but manages to show all the details of each individual rat. By carving specific characteristics into their tails and claws. This makes this mammoth ivory carving a beautiful piece of art to behold.

A Beautiful Showcase of Precious Mammoth Ivory

But, what makes this carving a true masterpiece is how the master carver manages to showcase the natural beauty of the mammoth ivory. Traditionally carving the rats, and using traditional and age-old techniques the master carver preserves the quality and integrity of the mammoth ivory. But, the deep brown stain of the ivory shows that it’s an antique piece that will only increase in value.


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