Basically a Rocco motif, the four Meissen porcelain figurines allegorical of the four seasons were first crafted by the Master modeler, Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775).The much-in demand cherubs and angels formed the basis of these beautiful Meissen porcelain figurines. Check the blue crossed swords mark, with the model numbers- A71, 2716, A64, and A67. This authenticates the genuineness of the porcelain sculptures. The artistic hallmark of this Four Season as symbolized by the four cherubs shows the distinctive expression. The Spring Cherub spreads flowers while the Summer Cherub holds a bunch of corn, the Winter Cherub is on skates with a cape, and the Autumn Angel has a wreath of grapes.  Look at the tiny sculptures with perfect glaze and finish that reveals the life like quality of each sculpture.

Notice the fine craftsmanship on each figurine. Each of them has a cape in a different color, signifying the season. Perfect symbolism, crafted in detail shows the skill and artistic abilities of the Meissen artist. Each detail is handcrafted and hand painted. Patience, creativity and foresight to bring out the allegorical renditions aren’t easy. Notice the minute details on each figurine, right from the colors to the actions and facial expressions. Even the hair colors are different. However, apart from the Winter Cherub, all three of the figurines are sitting or are supported by tree trunks. The most active is the winter figurine as it skates away in happiness.

Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775) originally designed the heads of the four seasons as embellishments for a range of Meissen ware and later on designed the original set of four children, as symbols of the four seasons in 1765. The fineness and the quality of workmanship extruded by the figurines speak about the world-class quality of Meissen porcelain sculptures.

Measurements :
Height: 13.5, Width:8.5 , Length: 3.5 Cm