This is 19th century Meissen porcelain Candelabras depicting Hebe & Ganymede with Golden Eagle. Sculpting the Greek mythological figures in pure porcelain with such intricate detail is an achievement that only the best Meissen modeler could do. The beautiful pair of candelabras depicts Hebe and Ganymede, the cup bearers to the gods along with the Greek God, Zeus represented as the gold eagle.

Notice the vines and berries dotting the arms of the candelabras. The precisely modeled golden eagle and the figurines have been crafted in detail. Look at the detailed paisley and floral motifs. See the tiny hands and feet. Look at the sculpting the folds of the flowing dresses, the curve of the face, arms and legs. Notice the precise details of the hairstyles on both the figurines. The floral wreath on the hair of Hebe and the curly locks of Ganymede, have been hand-painted in delicate golden. Each feather is clearly visible and the eagle’s beak has been carved to perfection. Look at the pastel shades hand painted over glazed porcelain.

You can see the same hand painted motifs on the long scarf around the body of Ganymede. It covers the vital body parts and goes around his neck. See the well-chiseled abdomen, floral wreath on the head, lithe body and Greek features, expertly delineated into pure porcelain. The golden eagle represents the Greek God Zeus and is based on the mythical story that has become a theme of the candelabras. Look at the pale blue of the porcelain tree has been painted in ombre, giving various hues and colors to the tree against which the figure is standing. Don’t miss the reed pipes that he plays. Blue crossed swords mark (first quality) and is incised K49 on the base.

Size: 14.5 inches high.

Condition: Excellent; no chips; cracks

19th Ce.

Painter number: 16, Press