The 19th century Meissen porcelain sculpture of Birth of Venus talks of excellent workmanship by one of the best Modelers at the factory. Notice the delicate glaze, soft colors and excellent attention to detail. It depicts Venus sitting on a shell- shaped boat with mermaids attending to her. Preserved in very good condition, the colors have remained naturally sharp.  Look at the delicate curls of the waves, the shells and fishes that traverse the azure waters under the shell-boat on which Venus sits. Notice the lithe bodies of the mermaids, the glistening luster of the pure porcelain glaze.

Don’t miss the twin tails of the mermaids which is different from the type of mermaids usually portrayed in fables. Look at the cherubic mermaid playing a horn or the attendant to the Venus as she holds on to the fabric flowing gracefully in the air. See the upturned faces, the intricately modeled hair and the curves of the body. Each of the figurines is exemplary in craftsmanship. Look at the little cherub sitting on the back of the fish, with a large paddle in hand. The large fish is intricately modeled, with the big eyes and lips and glazed properly such that it looks alive. See the way Venus holds the tag end of the long scarf.

Hand painted in soft yet vibrant colors, don’t miss the corals, shells and pearls that dot the sculpture. Look at the mermaid’s tails, even the scales are painted on it carefully. Notice the ombre, delightful shapes and colors crafted in such intricate details.

On the base of the sculpture, the blue crossed swords in underglaze blue, authenticates the figurine as genuine Meissen porcelain. It is dated 1890 and the Model Number: R122, and is still in very good condition.



HEIGHT – APPROX 23cm / 9″
LENGTH – APPROX 23cm / 9″

Crossed swords in under-glaze blue.

Model Number: R122
Circa: 1890