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Netsuke or ‘Roots for fastening’ is a miniature yet exotic toggle, used in combination with the Obi to hold the Sagemono, a purse, pouch or an ‘Inro’ which is suspended by an elaborately carved Netsuke. To keep the Sagemono from slipping, the bead or Netsuke was used with the silken cord to keep it in place.

Netsuke traces its roots to the Edo period (17th to 19th century) and famed for the artistic and intricate beauty, the utility was mitigated after the traditional Japanese dress –Obi and the Kimono went out of fashion. The change in attire made a collectible instead of being a utility item.We offer only legal ivory and it’s legal to ship it worldwide. Our Netsukes are handcarved by skilled craftsmen.

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