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Introduced in the 17th century, the 3-inch mammoth ivory snuff bottles were brought as gifts from the West to the Chinese Qing dynasty rulers. Today, mammoth ivory snuff bottles are highly coveted and collectibles as the functionality is lost. The main reason it became popular was due to the air tight seal it provided for safekeeping snuff.

Carved in different patterns and designs, snuff boxes continue to be a symbol of aristocratic tastes and are trendy collectibles now. These are small 3 inch bottles that were carved from a lot of semi-precious gems and ivory. The mammoth ivory snuff bottles became a rage after the elephant ivory was banned and has completely fulfilled the gap. Some of the exotic collection has geometrical patterns, animals, faces or even hand painted figurines. At Ivoryandart.com, we have a unique collection of some of the best mammoth ivory snuff bottles that are handcrafted, and hand painted by some of the leading ivory sculptors.

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