Russian silver antiques are highly valuable collectibles that can grace any corner or honor your classic vintage collection. These beautiful pieces of art may speak volumes about impeccable craftsmanship. However, they are not immune to blemishes and scratches that can make them look unfashionable. In fact, many buyers often make the mistake of cleaning these fragile items intensely that can tarnish its surface. That being said, if you are someone who is planning to buy Russian silver for their antique collection, then we would like to share some useful tips about to how to buy and prevent them from damage.

Let’s start with tips to buy authentic Russian silver.

Start Late

When you are a beginner collector, you can start with 19th century collectibles as this is when huge volume of art was created that is now available for buying. At the same time, you do not need exceptional knowledge to buy these as one needs for 17th or 18th century silver.

Buy in person

Don’t trust the person on phone who is promising you genuine Russian silver. Only buy from reputed dealers in person. You can also purchase these fine pieces from auctions and museums.

Don’t Just buy as an Investment

The prices for Russian Silver have varied wildly for years. But the experts recommend that you should buy it for the love of it and not as an investment piece. It is better to hold on to your prized possession for a few years before selling it off for a profit.

Beware of Forgeries

All antique markets are rife with forgeries. This is especially true for Russian Silver because of its exorbitantly high prices. However, now that the prices have started coming down, it is a good time for beginner collectors to get your hands on it and join the club.

Tips to Clean and Care for the Antiques

After using Russian silver flatware for a while, you will notice that it has developed patina gradually. This patina is not to be treated as tarnish. In fact, it enhances the beauty of antique pieces and give them the vintage appearance. So if you are consuming aged flatware, then be sure to clean it right after its use, especially if it came in contact with acidic foods.

Additionally, make sure that you never submerge your antique flatware in water overnight. This prolonged soaking can damage the metal. Use hot water to clean the flatware and carefully scrub the crevices with the help of old toothbrush. At the same time, it is important to never put stainless steel and Russian silver antiques together as it can react with the metal and cause irreparable damage to your expensive vintage flatware. Always clean using soft cotton cloth and allow it to air dry.

These simple tips are helpful in not only buying the best silver but also preserving it for years to come! Who knows, you may even be able to pass your vintage collection as heirloom to your family members!