Meissen porcelain was the first European hard-paste porcelain which was developed in 1710 after a series of failed attempts to replicate the process of porcelain making invented by the Chinese between the 7th and 8th centuries. The Meissen factory was the first European manufacturer to produce porcelain in large quantities.


This porcelain is created by mixing feldspar, kaolin, quartz, and other raw materials while using high temperatures. Due to the rarity of Meissen and despite its expense it quickly became one of the most sought after luxuries of the upper classes as it became a symbol of wealth and status. As a result Meissen often received orders from the upper classes of Russia, England, and France who came to own large collections of not only meissen porcelain figures but also dishes and other household items.


Due to the fact that since being founded Meissen has represented the highest quality in porcelain thus is highly valuable and priced as such. Meissen porcelain figures as well as other items such as tea sets, dinner sets, vases, clock cases, jugs, mirror frames, and more all come at a fairly high price.


Meissen porcelain prices depend on a variety of factors.


Firstly, age. Items created in the 18th century are rarely on the market thus command high prices. Meissen porcelain figurines prices are slightly lower as these items are more less rare and are often sold at auction and in antique galleries.


Secondly, meissen porcelain prices depend greatly on the solidity and weight of the porcelain itself.


Thirdly, the distinctive mark of crossed swords will determine the meissen porcelain prices. This trademark subtly changed throughout the years and was also copied by other manufacturers who used a similar mark, which can be deceiving to the untrained eye. At expert appraisers determine meissen porcelain figurines prices.


Finally, meissen porcelain prices differ according to the condition of the item in question. If a piece has a chip, crack, or significant wear, the value will drop. This however, may not always be the case as meissen porcelain figurines prices may remain unchanged should the item have a slight flaw for example if fingers, toes, and small flowers have been restored.