Augustus II, the King of Saxony and Poland envisioned a palace filled with porcelain figurines. To achieve this he tried a variety of artists until finding Johann Joachim Kändler who was able to create these figurines to his satisfaction.


The variety of items made in the shapes of animals is as vast as the animal kingdom. You can now acquire a meissen figurine of cats, dogs, and horses roosters and owls and even teddy bears.

The variety of meissen figurines can also be attributed to the different relationship each culture has with its animals. For example foo lions are very common in China where they are often placed in front of homes as a status symbol of the people who occupy it. While Hindus in India honor the white elephant, Airavata. This elephant bears the god Indra on its back.


Other forms of Meissen figurines can be people going about their everyday activities, such as fishermen fishing or hunters hunting, elegant dancers and cupids are all popular displays of Meissen figurines.


Meissen figurines prices


When it comes to putting a price on a Meissen figurine it is only logical that the price be determined by a variety of determining factors:



The older your figurine the more it will cost, this can be mainly explained mainly due to the fact that the further back in time you go the less common these items were. In the past Meissen figurines prices made them accessible only to the upper classes, this rarity of these items made them highly sought after and a symbol of wealth and well-being thus collector’s items. However, as they became more obtainable later on, an increase in the amount of figurines available in the 19th century led them to decrease in value albeit slightly.



Undoubtedly, Meissen figurines that have been authenticated, with the characteristic crossed swords symbol, such as the ones sold at will cost more than those that are not authenticated and cannot be seen as genuine Meissen porcelain.


Density and condition:

Quality and condition are greatly important when it comes to the Meissen figurines prices. Even though small flaws may be overseen on a rare item, larger cracks or missing parts will significantly decrease value.


At you will find a variety of Meissen porcelain figurines at prices carefully estimated by experts.