Japanese netsuke for sale today include items that were created centuries ago and are considered to be antiques as well as items created today. Both are considered to be items of exquisite craftsmanship and an integral part of Japanese culture. Thus setting  japanese netsuke value at a high standard.


Japanese netsuke are items that were created as a functional item, they were used to attach a cord to their clothing. On the other side of the cord usually lay an ornate box used to carry personal items, this box could also be replaced by a pouch. Both the box and the pouch were used as pockets because the traditional Japanese Kimonos did not have pockets.


At first Japanese netsuke were simple without decorations or carvings, however, as time progressed japanese netsuke value increased as they became intricate figurines created not only to attach the cord to the sash but also to adorn an outfit. It is possible that those who owned netsuke had more than one in order to give a variety of outfits a different look or feel according to the occasion. Furthermore, they became a status symbol and a symbol of wealth and well-being.


Japanese netsuke are considered collectors items as they are an item solely created by the Japanese and unique so much so as they continue being created and sold even though they no longer serve a functional purpose. Japanese netsuke for sale including both contemporary and antique are made of ivory, wood, bone and other materials such as brass.


Ivory Japanese netsuke has the highest value and mammoth ivory has come to replace elephant ivory due to restrictions on the trade of ivory. Mammoth ivory is used to create most Japanese netsuke for sale. When buying netsuke it is important to ensure that it is created by 100% mammoth ivory. One can determine mammoth ivory by the markings of the ivory as well as some colouring caused be minerals found where the ivory has been excavated- these are not usually visible with a naked eye.


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