Woolly mammoths were in existence a long time ago. Scientists are carrying out research to determine how they can revive this extinct species. Read this article to learn more.
Biologists are using technology to revive the extinct genomes. It is now becoming a reality that we will soon begin seeing the extinct species of animals walking on earth again after they have been revived. Human beings have always been interested in the mammoth ivory and woolly mammoth for different reasons. Here are some of the facts about the woolly mammoth you need to know.

Ears of the Woolly Mammoth Were Shorter than the Modern Day Elephant Ears

Since they stayed in a cold environment, the short ears played a great role in conserving heat in the body of the elephant. It also reduced the loss of heat and prevented frostbite.

It Was Not the Only Woolly Animal

There was also the woolly rhinoceros that also existed with the woolly mammoth. It was covered with fur to make sure it adopted to the cold weather. It was depicted through paintings on the caves by the ancestors and they also became extinct during the same time as mammoths.

It Was Not Mammoth in Size

The woolly mammoths had the size of modern-day elephants. The male mammoth had a height of about 9-11 feet and it weighed about 6 tons. The steppe mammoth was the one which was a bit larger, since it would grow up to 13-15 feet.

Age Would Be Determined Using the Rings on the Tusk

Just like determining the age of a tree using the rings found on the tree, the age of the mammoth would be determined by using the number of rings found on the tusk. It will give more details about the age of the mammoth elephant as compared to the rings on a tree.
They can also tell the time when the mammoth died due to the presence of the darker marks found on the tusk which corresponded with the summers. The thickness of tusk rings would also be used to indicate the health situation when it died. The tusk would grow big and thick when there
were favorable conditions.

Tusks from the Woolly Mammoths Are Being Hunted

The hunters are looking for the tusks from the woolly mammoth due to different reasons. The existence of global warming has made it easy for the hidden treasures of ivory to be revealed. The tusks have a good price in the market since most tusks measure around 10-13 foot and cost hundreds of dollars. The good news is ivory obtained from the mammoth is legal as compared to the one obtained from the elephant.

A Mammoth Can Be Discovered by Anyone

A mammoth can be discovered by anyone and their discovery is not limited to scientists. The latest discovery of the mammoth was done in Russia by a boy of 11-years old who was walking with his dogs. The mammoth discovered died about 30,000 years ago. The discovery of the mammoth played a great role since it helped the scientists to conclude that lump found on the back of the mammoth was used to store fat.

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